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Feststehendes Messer Contact, HCS, Extrema Ratio

Artikel-Nr.: 04.1000.0215-HCS
EAN: 4250673481385

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Feststehendes Messer  Contact HCS, Extrema Ratio   Extrema Ratio developed the first knife... mehr
Produktinformationen "Feststehendes Messer Contact, HCS, Extrema Ratio"
Feststehendes Messer Contact HCS, Extrema Ratio 

Extrema Ratio developed the first knife of a new production line, called CONTACT.

It has a blade with a lance-shaped profile, a flat grinding and a diamond-shaped geometry. It has got a lower guard branch to protect the hand from accidental cuts, upper jumping to improve grip, a concave fuller along the entire length of the blade and a generous thickness blade (6.30mm) All these details make the Contact the elder brother of the now famous Requiem, revisited in proportions and in some technical features. The first of a new line of multipurpose knives.

The blade is made in Böhler N690 steel with a hardness of 58 HRC and a chemical burnishing coating for the Black version. All other colours in production have got a blade with Stone Washed finishing. The handle is still in forprene . It is no more assembled by the side screws but thanks to the shank in truncated cone-shaped stainless steel that is screwed to the bottom and goes to fit inside a special seat, which makes it solid. In this way the knife is well balanced. The sheath is minimalist; most of the fabric has been cut off; it has got a 2nd level retention system, remembering the style of the model it was inspired by.

The main shell is injection-molded in shockproof nylon. The secondary retention system is reversible for ambidextrous users. The blade is guided into the sheath thanks to its cone shape that lends itself well to the rapid insertion and extraction of the blade. To extract the blade, a pressure on the trigger will be sufficient, thus releasing the safety that holds it securely in the sheath. In the horizontal slits of the sheath a system is added, which fixes the blade to avoid shaking noises when it is stored inside. The back side of the nylon sheath is M.O.L.L.E. compatible.

The textile part is reduced to its minimum and has got the classic two-button safety strap with a belt loop and a thigh band with rubber reinforcement for anti-rotation. Extrema Ratio aims at this new line by minimizing thickness and size of the knife, but not saving on structural strength and safety accessories.


- Klingenmaterial: Böhler N690 Stahl, MIL-C-13924
- Griffmaterial: Forprene, HCS
- Gesamtlänge: ca. 29,3 cm
- Klingenlänge: ca. 16,2 cm
- Gewicht: ca. 300 g 
- Nylon-Scheide, MOLLE-kompatibel.

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